From Bean to Bowl - Carmela Market's Story

Dive into the delicious world of CarmelaMarket, where every bite is a blend of tradition and innovation. Born from the renowned coffee bar franchise, Carmela, our market blossoms from the love forquality and community. We're here to serve up delectable frozen foods thatcarry the spirit of our coffee bars into bustling households across thecountry.


Feast on Frozen - Delights Delivered


Feast on Frozen - Delights Delivered

Discover the convenience of gourmet with our array of frozen foods, crafted to perfection. From our frosty fields to your family table, Carmela Market’s selections are perfect for any occasion.

Classic Comforts: Homestyle meals that feel like a warm hug on a cold day.

Quick & Quirky Bites: Snacks with a twist, for when you crave something fun and fast.

Vegetarian Varieties: Green goodness in every bite, without compromising on flavor.

Hearty & Meaty Must-haves: Satisfying your protein fix with rich, bold tastes.

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Flavorful. Fast. Forever Yours.

Why Carmela Market?

Quality Ingredients

Our promise of fresh, non-GMO produce frozen at peak flavor.

Convenience Meets Class

Gourmet meals ready in
minutes, fitting your busy life.

Community First

A purchase that supports
sustainable practices and local growth.

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